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About Us

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Codiflex co. is an Industry that provides solutions for packing in different market segments.

With structured industrial park and manufacturing facilities, the production of plastic and cellulose packaging, such as polyethylene films, films, PE packages, heat shrink film reels, Kraft paper reels, kraft paper angles, various adhesive tapes, rigid extrusion in PP, besides customizing the printing of specifications of each customer.


Being the first strategic partner to be remembered by the customer as a provider of complete, innovative, agile and competitive solutions in packaging systems.


Being an innovative company, with a packaging system with availability, ensuring the integrity of the product of our customers.


  • Respect for people in trust and meritocracy
  • Ethics in relationships
  • Commitment to company’s objectives
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Team spirit in the development of our work


Our commitment is to excellence in quality and customer service. Focused on ethical values, commitment and results that contribute to society towards total quality: our growth is sustainable and structured. In addition to being certified by SGS, ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, we are Partners for Excellence with the Dom Cabral Foundation.


Ensuring the satisfaction of each customer. Acting severely in the prevention of nonconformities. Continuously improvement of products and services. Seeking human development and satisfaction in the work environment. Growth in profitability through the generation of new businesses and opportunities.


Technical analysis
We believe that every sale is unique. For this reason, we have invested in Technical visits to evaluate the current operation of our customer and thus carry out the sale of suitable solutions according to the real need of our customers. Our proposals aim at complete specifications at the time of sale. In addition, we carry out tests of our products in the operation of the customer for high performance.

Modern and structured manufacturing park located in São José dos Pinhais city, in Paraná State, South of Brazil. We have a modern and structured factory park to meet our customers’ needs with the highest levels of quality.

Modern and structured manufacturing park
Located in São José dos Pinhais / PR, we count on a modern and structured factory park to attend our clients with the highest levels of Quality.
Our manufacturing process starts with the choice of the best raw materials and modern machinery. During our manufacturing process we count on quality tests, ensuring that the final product meets the expected specifications.

CBL, Companhia Brasileira de Laminação, it is a Codiflex Group company specialized in stretch films, polyethylene technical films, heat shrink films, printed films and with special additives such as UV and VCI. In addition, you will find in the portfolio of CBL, Adhesive Tapes, Bow Tapes (Pet Tape), Plain and Toothed Paper Angles, and Polyethylene Bags in various sizes and thicknesses. Having a portfolio that complements, we offer our customers solutions in packaging through a single supplier, ensuring easy purchase and receipt of different items for packaging to our customers.

Zulgg co was funded within the Codiflex Group with the objective of designing machines and equipment focused on the packaging area and on the national and international steel market. With a team of engineers with solid experience, creativity and talent to propose, design, start up machines and automation systems, Zulgg has expanded and it operates in the field of automation projects, creating special and customized solutions for several industry segments.

Specializing in commercial representations, Flexsul guarantees the supply of special items to our customers when it is not produced by Codiflex co. Closing the concept of Complete Packaging Solutions, Flexsul represents high technology items guaranteeing our customers a broad portfolio for the industry in general.